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A few days back, I was discussing the importance of mobile games in a fan’s life with one of my friends. This friend of mine introduced me to his favorite one. Yes, SimCity Buildit is the one. It is compatible with the iOS and Android handsets. I was looking for the kind of amusement that can keep me engrossed and interested and then I found my answer in this particular game. With the extremely well-built features and upgraded mechanisms, it is one of the most played mobile games in the town. Not long back had I decided to try this game out, but I have to agree that now I too am a die-hard fan.

SimCity Buildit was soft-launched in Canada not very long ago by the famous Electronic Arts and subsequently in other parts of the world. With the most attractive features, it aims at total customer satisfaction and a whole new experience in mobile gaming. It is also effective for people who are not much interested in mobile gaming. Only playing it once has involved me to its core. What makes it different is that this game has inculcated in me, the habit of mobile gaming. Within few hours I realized that I had become a fan of the same. As a part of the fan fraternity, I am euphoric with the modified features and offers that this game provides.

The game lovers can easily attain it for free in their smartphones through in-app purchases. Since it is well-suited to the most used mobile platforms, this game has developed a liking for itself in the gamers’ heart. Proper usage of graphics and music make it a complete entertainment package. Attractive features of the game are many, but my personal favorites re the following. The chief currencies known as Simoleons are of great use. They can be earned later to buy up gradation facilities for the player. SimCash is my reward for completing disastrous and severe challenges. Try attending it more by using internal SimCity BuildIt Hack in the game.

Golden keys available in the here, also boost my performance and increase the urge to play more. There are Platinum keys which are not buyable but achievable by winning the contests. At the initial stage, SimCity Buildit provides each user with an amount of 25,000 Simoleons along with a SimCash amount of 50. This amount of game money is made ready at hand for me to start the game and to earn further in the rest of the play. The names of the cities nd players are set by default first, but they are flexible enough and open to change. I can modify the names of my players and the place for an infinite number of times from the game settings option.

Six main disasters inflict the cities in SimCity Buildit namely, earthquakes, raging tornadoes, alien attacks, robot invasions, tsunami, meteor strikes and destructive lightning storms. These levels will only unlock after I get through certain levels. That is a mandate. The best part about the game is, it gives every detail with the zooming, rotating of screens and minutely detailed structures. It is indeed true that the challenges put forth by the game never fail to surprise me.

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